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For Budtenders

Share your knowledge and experience to steer the industry and get rewarded for it.  Best in Grow delivers a robust platform where budtenders can share valuable insights about customer experiences with brands and retailers. This is the opportunity for dispensary employees to deliver reliable, actionable data to aid brands and dispensaries in better serving their clients.

With Best in Grow, you can expand your influence, grow your network, and earn rewards.  Communicate in your professional life as easily as in your personal life in our one-stop mobile application.


For Retailers

Best in Grow is a private, secure platform that enables you to reach and engage every single one of your employees no matter where they are located: in the main office, on the dispensary floor, or in any other position.

Best in Grow connects corporate leadership, department heads, and employees and bridges the gaps between them.  With our mobile applications, you stay connected anytime and anywhere.

The Best in Grow platform provides a full suite of powerful tools giving retailers access to secure document management, sophisticated analytics tools, and the most effective communication features–to name a few.


For Brands

Connect with the people who connect with your customers.  92% of cannabis consumers rely on recommendations from budtenders for their purchasing decisions.  Best in Grow gives brands a mechanism to close the feedback loop between Brands and Budtenders to exponentially increase customer satisfaction.

Best in Grow has all the features you need to collaborate and communicate efficiently and effectively with the dispensary professionals who influence customer purchases.  Communicate one-on-one or in groups to understand budtenders and their opinions.