Workbook: Creating a Budtender Incentivization Plan That Works

Let's face it: your budtenders determine the success of your dispensary. Ensuring your frontline retail team is motivated and engaged should be a top priority, and that starts with incentivizing them to give it their all, every day.

Sales are the driving force behind your business's success and growth. And every day, budtenders are on the ones talking to your customers and making those sales. It's important you start thinking about how goal-setting, incentivization and rewards can motivate the sales performance your dispensary needs.

It's time you start putting together a concrete strategy for how you will get the most out of your budtenders. Whether it's an extra product samples, gift cards, preferred hours, or an iPad, there are best practices you can put to use today that will impact your bottom line.

It all comes down to the ROI. Is it worth $200 a month in Amazon gift cards to get your entire team excited, eager to up-sell, and maximizing each and every sale? The answer is more than likely yes.

Inside this workbook you will find:

  • A plug-and-play template for creating incentivization plans that will ensure your budtenders are selling
  • Examples and ideas for how to motivate your employees and the types of rewards that are likely to get the best results
  • A structured checklist to audit your goals and make sure they are the right ones for your business