The Cannabis Brand Guide to Launching Budtender Incentives

cannabis-brands-sell-more-product From cash commissions to leaderboards, incentivizing budtenders to sell your cannabis products is a surefire way to drive sales and create everlasting brand awareness.

As a cannabis vendor, getting your product to sell in dispensaries is a top priority. Things just got a lot more interesting with the new regulations that allow you to directly incentivize budtenders at retail dispensaries. That’s why we created an all-purpose guide for how to best motivate and incline budtenders to sell your product while delighting customers and maximizing revenue.

In this comprehensive guide you’ll find:

  • An easy-to-follow explanation of the strategies you should use if you're operating in the newly incentive-approved state of Colorado, or any of the other states (most of them!) that already allow vendors to incentivize budtender directly
  • 5 key insights into sales strategies for budtender incentive programs, specific to vendors and products in the cannabis industry
  • Several best practices for implementing and tracking effective incentive programs while working with dispensaries to both maximize profits and raise brand awareness