Customizable Dispensary Employee Handbook Template

customizable-dispensary-employee-handbook This download includes over 20 fully customizable employee handbook templates.

A clear and comprehensive dispensary employee handbook is the foundation of your retail cannabis business.

Employee handbooks allow you to set expectations, communicate your company’s unique mission, get your team on the same page, and impart your vision for the cannabis industry. We created this plug-and-play employee handbook template, designed specifically for cannabis dispensaries and brands, to give you everything you need to get a leg-up on the competition.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, consumers will demand legitimacy and authenticity from the brands and retailers they choose to incorporate into their lives. In order to compete, it's critical your company carve out a unique identity that customers and employees will flock to.

This all starts with creating your employee handbook.

Inside this dispensary employee handbook you will find:

  • A fully customizable template for you to populate with all need-to-know information
  • Prompts to help get you thinking about your company's mission and values
  • A framework that will help protect you against lawsuits and compliance-related issues