Strategies to Engage Cannabis Retail Employees

Here are some quick and easy ways to engage your cannabis retail staff, especially if they’re not tied to a desk.

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Boost revenue, decrease turnover, and maximize customer satisfacton with these simple strategies to engage your cannabis retail team.

1. Meet employees where they work

Think about all the touchpoints that you have with your employees, especially those who aren’t working at a desk. Between inventory managers, cannabis educators, budtenders, and other staff in a cannabis retail store, it is likely difficult to call regular staff meetings, and even more difficult to distribute messaging down a long chain of command. Find ways to deliver messaging so that your employee can’t miss it: on their weekly schedules, through departmental newsletters, or to make it even more efficient, through a digital intelligence platform like Best in Grow.

2. Incorporate communication across mobile channels

iOS and Android operating systems rule the mobile market, together sharing 99.7% of the market. These are the channels that will help you succeed in reaching your employees with critical messaging aimed for engagement. Best in Grow is enabled for both iOS and Android, ensuring that no employee is left out of the internal communication strategy.

3. Enable communication across channels and employees

When employees are scattered across a cannabis retail operation, they lack the important face-to-face interactions that efficiency relies on. Using platforms that allow employees to communicate with each other, at all levels, permits information to flow easier, while information can be accessed, edited, viewed and iterated upon. Through push notification functionalities, no employee is left out of the greater supply chain and customer service strategy of your store when connected to an app like Best in Grow.

4. Use engaging media strategies

Whether it’s showing videos of the place where your cannabis is grown, sharing profiles of different employees, or allowing employees to see photos of the production and inventory operations - connecting your employees through media is essential! Using different types of media reaches people in different, engaging ways, and shows how each person is an essential spoke in a very important wheel.


Utilize social apps to bring your entire team together!

Meet your cannabis retail store employees wherever they are through the implementation of engaging cannabis business intelligence software aimed at bringing people together and starting conversations.

Best in Grow enables you to engage every single employee – no matter where they are located. This broad social network allows cannabis store management to:

  • Share company news and updates
  • Recognize employee achievements
  • Communicate one-on-one or in teams
  • Connect anytime, anywhere with the Best in Grow app
  • Delegate tasks and ensure compliance
  • Schedule shifts and disseminate SOPs
  • Use push notifications to maximize message reach

Higher employee engagement means higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and fewer call outs. What results is the best customer service experience for your clients ensuring they become customers for life

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