How The Right Dispensary Software Can Fix Your Communication Problems

As a dispensary owner or operator, if you haven’t employed team management software in your dispensary, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to increase customer loyalty, reduce your dispensary turnover, and help your frontline teams grow and excel.

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The world of business is being completely revolutionized by the availability of software platforms that can support business functions and bring a whole new sense of efficiency to how companies operate; the cannabis industry is no exception.

As a dispensary owner or operator, if you haven’t employed team management software in your dispensary, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to increase customer loyalty, reduce your dispensary turnover, and help your frontline teams grow and excel.

Enter: Best in Grow.

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Best in Grow offers dispensary management software that does it all so you can spend your time and energy where it’s really needed. It’s no secret that dispensary managers require industry-specific solutions for point of sale (POS) and inventory management, but Best in Grow takes it a step farther, offering tools to help you make the most of your greatest asset: human capital.

On average, a dispensary owner can expect to spend about $2,000 to hire and train a budtender. Talent acquisition is an investment in building your brand, but if talent retention isn’t on your radar, then you’re throwing your time, money, and team culture out the window.

Workforce management software can help you maximize your talent by resolving communication problems.

  • increasing employee engagement
  • offering a streamlined onboarding process
  • creating visibility via mobile communication tools
  • fostering unity and accountability by way of real-time collaboration
  • boosting morale and performance through offering recognition and incentives while collecting valuable employee feedback

Communication problems and management software solutions.

Top-Down Communication

Top-down communication is exactly what it sounds like: information filtering through the organization from the owners and CEOs down to their entry-level employees by way of supervisor to direct report communication. The hope is that this approach will ensure that important need-to-know information reaches the right ears.

The Challenges

Keep in mind that important information can get lost in translation on its way down the ladder.

Furthermore, a top-down approach on its own can leave lower-level employees feeling disconnected and undervalued. In addition to information getting lost in translation, furthering the gap between leadership and the frontlines leaves you missing out on a key opportunity to make employees feel connected and engaged with your business's mission and vision.

The Software Solutions & Benefits

Workforce management software ensures clarity in all top-down communications. Distributing policies, guidelines, product information, schedule updates, etc. in a platform where information can be easily referenced increases accountability and eliminates human error from the telephone game of top-down communication.

Additionally, the right software will allow employees to engage with incoming information. Providing the ability for employees to ask questions and share feedback will leave them feeling connected and valued as key players in your organization.

Bottom-Up Communication

Bottom-up communication gives lower level employees a voice.

This mode of communication helps you keep a pulse on employee engagement, perceptions, job satisfaction, and training gaps so that you can easily adapt to meet the unique needs of your staff, fostering an innovative culture and ramping up productivity.

The Challenges

Often employees don’t have clear channels of communication in front of them to know how to give input or take ownership of their work. Employees may feel a disconnect between themselves and their leadership without a clear strategy for bottom-up communication.

As a word of caution, some organizations feel solutions like email and text messaging will suffice for communicating across their company. In instances where top-down and bottom-up communication are attempted without a dedicated platform, lower level employees can often feel dissatisfied by a lack of separation between work and personal communications.

The Software Solutions & Benefits

Employees enjoy having all of their work information in one place, allowing them the freedom to create a work/life balance by separating their personal phone use from their work communications. Workforce management software like Best in Grow gives your budtenders access to key resources, such as product information, SOPs and checklists, professional development materials, and more, putting the knowledge and power to succeed right in their hands. Additionally, employees have a safe space for sharing feedback and communicating directly with teammates as needed.

Middle-Up & Middle-Down Communication

Middle managers face a unique set of challenges, simultaneously playing the role of leader and subordinate. It’s plain messy and requires an individual to be a highly adaptable communicator.

The Challenges

Middle managers need to be able to lead their direct reports while reporting to their own supervisors. They are responsible for balancing employee advocacy and business objectives, and achieving that harmony is often more easily said than done.

The Software Solutions & Benefits

Members of middle-management benefit from having an effective avenue for communication, team coordination, and employee feedback. Management software that houses shift scheduling and an events calendar makes it easy for managers to keep their employees engaged in all of your business’s goings-on, reducing turnover and absenteeism.

With the ability to integrate fully with current cannabis retail software systems for POS, menu-boards, loyalty programs, payroll, and more, Best in Grow allows middle managers to keep all of their business objectives in front of them. This ultimately streamlines their communication and enhances their understanding of dispensary performance. This is key in helping them communicate up to their supervisors regarding everything from sales metrics to employee performance.

This cloud-based software program is intuitive and will benefit communication in every layer of your organization.

Dispensary operators face many challenges, but according to Glassdoor reports from employees in cannabis retail, poor communication is the number one challenge and pain point. Not to worry; dispensary workforce management software can attend to those challenges, improving employee satisfaction by creating a user-friendly communication platform.

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