How Greenside Rec Hit Their First $1M Month with Best in Grow

To help you make the best software decision for your dispensary, we built this case study detailing the runaway success of Greenside Recreational, one of Seattle’s top dispensaries and one of the earliest adopters of Best in Grow.

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Sometimes it’s hard to know if strategies like employee education, team engagement, or budtender incentivization translate into real results for your dispensary. Countless retail operators have asked us how tools that enhance the performance of their employees will affect their bottom line and, as a result, what they should be willing to spend on those tools. To help you make the best decision for your business, we built this case study detailing the runaway success of Greenside Recreational, one of Seattle’s top dispensaries and one of the earliest adopters of Best in Grow.

About Greenside

Originally founded as Greenside Medical in 2011, the arrival of recreational legalization in 2014 brought Greenside a new name (“Greenside Rec”), a new location (in the thick of Washington’s most competitive county), and a heaping helping of success.

Led by the inimitable Kristina Green, Greenside General Manager and a veteran of the WA cannabis industry, the team bounced back from a disastrous fire at their Seattle location in 2017 and has been pursuing maximal expansion since, consistently ranking in the top 5 dispensaries by revenue in the state.

Greenside by the Numbers

  • 2 retail locations
  • 50+ dispensary employees
  • 4 retail managers
  • 500+ product SKUs
  • $9MM revenue in 2018

The Challenge

As any dispensary operator knows, growing your business in today’s hyper-competitive market requires constant improvement in your revenues, costs, and customer experience. Nowhere is this more relevant than Seattle, WA, where some of the longest-standing recreational operators in the US fight tooth and nail for clients.

Faced with this challenging environment, Greenside Recreational partnered with Best in Grow because they believe, like we do, that improving an organization begins with improving the performance of every employee.

Your frontline employees, (we’ll call them budtenders for short) bring in every dollar of sales revenue, are likely one of the most expensive line-items in your budget, and act as the face of your organization whenever a customer or compliance auditor walks through the door.

So, to maintain and improve Greenside’s position as a top-tier dispensary in a market brimming with competition, we identified the following challenges to overcome:

  • Setting and hitting increasing sales goals for each employee
  • Efficiently training team members for maximum performance
  • Compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining motivation and cultural cohesion within growing and changing teams.

The Solution

By implementing Best in Grow’s intuitive employee optimization software, a mobile and desktop application designed to maximize the performance of every worker in the dispensary, Greenside effectively tackled their three biggest challenges with incredible results. Leveraging Best in Grow’s cutting edge sales gamification, built-in training tools, and team communication suite, the Greenside team increased their revenue, improved customer experiences, and motivated their growing team.

Hit Your Dream Sales Goals

After onboarding Best in Grow, Greenside went from averaging less than $800k in monthly revenue to hitting the ultimate goal: their first million dollar month! With automated employee scorecards, flexible sales contests, and shout outs to top performers, what could your team shoot for?

Effortlessly Train the Ultimate Team

With Best in Grow’s built in training tools, you can educate and evaluate every employee in one place, using automated POS integrations to see exactly what trainings lead to improved performance. Would you like to turn your employees into the Navy Seals of cannabis retail?

Retain Top Employees

Greenside general manager Kristina Green cites “improved motivation” and “self empowerment” as two of the biggest benefits of Best in Grow, leading to a happier team a lower employee turnover. How much time and money could you save on hiring if your budtenders stopped quitting?

Double Your Dollars

Greenside grew by 28.7% since onboarding Best in Grow, outperforming a booming market by 15.7%. That growth rate means a dispensary’s revenue will double within 2.5 years! What could your business do with double the dough?

The Results

At the beginning of our partnership with Greenside, they set out to “level up the store and make sure Greenside is not just another weed shop” while “trying to look further than tomorrow, plan for the future, and plan for openings in other cities”. Customer experience and growth are important goals that unfortunately elude many dispensaries, so was GS able to achieve them with Best in Grow? The results speak for themselves -- massive boosts to the effectiveness and morale of the Greenside team with no disruption to their existing workflows after implementing the Best in Grow suite in less time than a lunch break.

“BiG has created more of a team atmosphere, where everyone feels more involved and everybody has the power of knowing what’s going on. We’ve had a lot more sales, created more business, improved customer service, and better all-around mojo.” General Manager, Greenside Rec

“One of the best parts of Best in Grow is the ease of use -- our staff knew exactly how to jump on and get involved with very little training -- providing a lot of self empowerment for the team.” General Manager, Greenside Rec

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