3 Reasons You Need a Dispensary Communications Tool

Post-it notes in the break room or even a WhatsApp group just won't cut it anymore. If you run a dispensary, it's time to invest in a platform that will keep your team engaged and up-to-date.

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For cannabis dispensaries, a robust internal communications platform is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a mission-critical investment that will impact every aspect of your business.

Happy employees are key to the bottom line. This is even more important in the cannabis industry, where customers rely heavily on the frontline workforce; 92% people who walk in a dispensary will take the exact recommendation of their trusted budtenders.

Feedback and accountability are key to keeping workforces engaged, informed, and productive, and our secured platform is the best ally in achieving this. Created specifically to answer the growing needs of the cannabis industry, Best in Grow delivers the features and functionalities needed to reduce turnover, improve compliance, and deliver sales.

1. Reduce turnover

Remember the struggle to hire trained employees when cannabis first got legalized? By the end of 2020, the industry should be well over 250,000 people-strong. Competition is fierce to recruit those with the best knowledge, which also means reducing turnover as much as possible is key.

Designed with dispensaries in mind, Best in Grow helps foster a team culture based on trust and feedback, two values which have been proven to reduce turnover. Indeed, 75% of employees are more likely to stay at a company which shows it is receptive to feedback and willing to address it. Higher loyalty in employees means a better customer experience and lower HR costs. Everybody wins. If you're interested in what the best dispensaries are doing are doing to engage their teams and reduce turnover, check out our report: Why Budtenders Quit.

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2. Fewer compliance-related mistakes

Another big win is in helping workers with compliance. Since the cannabis industry is highly regulated, employees need to keep abreast of the latest laws as well as internal company policies and standard operating procedures. Cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug, so non-compliance could mean running afoul of federal law.

We get that training employees and keeping them informed can be challenging. That’s why our platform makes securely sharing documents easier than ever. You can provide live updates for all regulation changes to ensure no one misses them. And our features guarantee that your workforce is always the best trained in the business.

3. Greater sales productivity

According to projections, legal marijuana should be a $30 billion industry this year alone. Budtenders are the most influential part of the selling process as customers trust their advice above all else.

As a retail operator, your budtenders’ insight is invaluable to your inventory and purchasing strategy and sales productivity, which is why our platform aggregates feedback into actionable data. Best in Grow offers a sample-tracking functionality that allows you to collect feedback on which products your frontline teams love to sell. Further, you can also easily set sales goals and competitions and show your team how they are performing.

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