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Be Heard

Budtenders are the backbone of the cannabis industry

92% of consumers take the exact recommendation from the budtender when purchasing cannabis. Budtenders, like you, have an enormous amount of impact on how products perform in the market.

The Best in Grow platform gives you the opportunity to not only influence customers but also influence brands.  Not only will you get rewards and free products for sharing your knowledge and feedback, but you’ll help shape the cannabis industry of tomorrow.


One-stop Application

Best in Grow offers the total package. Deliver product feedback, build your professional network, and manage daily tasks without switching tools.

Get Free Product

Receive samples and rewards from brands across the cannabis industry.  Use our robust platform to provide product feedback, offer suggestions, and receive recognition.

Stay Connected

Best in Grow tools will keep you up-to-date on your dispensary’s internal policies, news and information, and events.

Build your Knowledge

Engage with professionals across the industry in the Best in Grow community.  Connect with your peers through focused online discussion groups.

The Complete Package.

The Best in Grow platform delivers a full suite of powerful tools.

Best in Grow not only keeps you up-to-date on what’s happening in your dispensary but throughout the industry.  Managing your activities and surveys allows you to highlight your depth of knowledge, provide feedback on products, and share your expertise with brands that need it.

Brands are listening.

Be heard.