Best in Grow was founded with one goal in mind—to catapult cannabis businesses into the future by professionalizing and modernizing the way they work.

After meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs taking on the immense challenge of turning a cannabis startup into a well-oiled machine, we decided it was time to do our part. From dispensary managers to master growers and brand owners to compliance wizards, we set out to provide today’s cannabis pioneers with the most effective, efficient, and easy to use organizational tools modern technology can provide, completely customized to the unique needs of the industry.


Our Mission

To that end, we empower the frontline employees of cannabis retail with a powerful suite of workforce management tools -- tools that translate to hours saved, engaged employees, delighted customers, and meaningful boosts to the bottom line. But we didn’t stop there, Best in Grow provides a collaborative environment for cannabis brands and manufacturers to engage with the most important influencers in the industry: budtenders.

Rest assured, we’re in it for the long haul. We believe that good business starts with strong relationships, so beyond building our platform to nurture connections across the industry, we’re committed to the highest quality of customer service and support.


Our Experience

We’re a team of cannabis entrepreneurs, behavioral economists, data scientists, market researchers, brand builders and retail experts.

We’re obsessed with building tools that make people’s lives easier and their businesses more successful, so we leverage the principles and best practices of decision-science, behavioral-economics, and organizational theory to create powerful, new technologies.

From Harvard to hedge funds, we’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help the cannabis leaders of tomorrow succeed today.


Jake Levin Co-Founder & COO

Ryan Rapaport VP of Market Development

Sergio Souza Senior Engineer


Andrew Duffy Co-Founder & CEO


Ambrose Krapacs CTO

Samantha Reeb Market Development Manager

Carsey Hawkins Merchant Community Manager